August/September 2019 Newsletter

No such thing as pumpkin weather.

Ya heard? Well, not here in Austin at least. We just released our House of Torment / 13th Floor Haunted House Pumpkin Ale collaboration. This is not a slice of pumpkin pie blended and shoved into a 10% imperial stout (although that does sound good), but instead it's a 5% pumpkin-spice, crisp, refreshing ale. It is in cans and ready to drink in the heat of August, September, and October (and November?). We are also about to put out two new beers next week, have the return of Sun Eater later September,  AND BEER-TO-GO STARTING SUNDAY! We got a new-to-us fridge, a new crowler machine, and...well that's it really. But that is enough to let us do a whole lot when it comes to beer-2-go.

Did we mention beer-2-go? Party this Sunday, 9/1 


13th Floor / House of Torment Haunted House

Welcome to our second year collaborating with House of Torment. Things went well last year so we expanded the collaboration to their sister houses in San Antonio and Houston, called 13th Floor. This is a 5% ABV, pumpkin-spiced ale, refreshing for the heat that probably won't let up until December (we hope?). This has hit shelves at HEB and Whole Foods as of now, so please go check it out. Oh - and we're throwing a Friday the 13th Party to celebrate.


Supernaut - Cinnamon Chocolate Truffle

Our second variation on our Supernaut 12% Imperial Stout arrives next week. Beer Mike (in charge of cellar/packaging) can't stop raving about it. The can art, compliments of Rory Blank, is sick as usual. These are a limited run so, while some will make it to market, we'll keep a decent stock here at the brewery for you to take home. Available 9/6.


Brut of All Evil - Watermelon and Strawberry

Available 9/6. Brut OJ hit so we're going to keep rolling with this fruited Brut IPA thing. We've received a lot of great feedback about our Brut IPA program, which has been really nice - especially in a market that got flooded with a bunch of sub-par Bruts over the last year. Hard work pays off.


Goodbye Bill

This month, we said goodbye to brewer Bill Arnold. The man with the most epic of beards has been with us since we first opened - making beer, riding his motorcycle, and blasting the Lord of the Rings Soundtrack in our taproom. His partner received a job offer in Atlanta - the kind of offer one does not pass up - so Bill and Andrea have relocated. Bill will stay in the industry by landing at the renowned Atlanta brew-pub known as the Wrecking Bar. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors. If you find yourself out in ATL, stop by and say hello.

We barely taked about Sun Eater. Well, it is going to be back. We definitley talked a lot about beer2go, but here is one more. Beer2Go THIS SUNDAY! Then, everyday after. Cans, Bombers, Crowlers, and Growlers. We got you.

Cheers - 4th Tap

John Stecker