May 2019 Newsletter

So Many Release.

Here we are, nearly halfway through 2019, and what a year it has been!
Before we get into the geopolitical impacts of the Brexit debacle/opportunity (depending on your party affiliation) we should take some time to discuss the impact of recent political changes on the power dynamics and perceived/real strength positions between historical "super-powers" and more recent national and supranational economic arrivals to the global scene. We'll lead off with a zero sum viewpoint followed by a contrasting win-win or non-zero sum world-view. We'll wrap with a lively Socratic debate, but one is only allowed to answer a question with a question. We'll keep at it until we black-out from sheer annoyance at the sound of our own pretentious voices.

First, we'll talk briefly about beer. 



Supernaut: Cookies-N-Cream

Look, we've really nailed how to rapidly develop and release small batches in cans so we're leaning into it hard. As I write this (Thursday) we are canning two new releases, going out tomorrow (Friday, the day after Thursday). First down the line is our first variation on Supernaut, the Cookies-N-Cream Supernaut. How? Vanilla and buckets of broken, delicious cookies built on the base of our chocolate imperial stout - Supernaut. Weighs in at a solid 13%. Maybe it's the wrong time of year, but we want to drink what we want to drink when we want to drink it. Seasonality be damned.


Brut of All Evil - OJ Brut IPA

If you've stopped by the taproom in the past couple of weeks, you may have seen the Brutmosa on the wall. This was our guava-infused version of the Brut of All Evil Brut IPA that we were hitting with a splash of OJ. It was also a bit of a test because the next beer down the canning line today (again, Thursday) is an OJ infused hazy Brut IPA loaded with El Dorado and Azacca hops. Ready for a solid waffle-brunch. We'll announce that bit soon.


Garrison Bros.

We've released the first in our Garrison Brothers Bourbon Barrel collaboration - a barrel-aged Can You Dig It. We're also about to release a limited barrel-aged Supernaut. Currently, the barrels are full of the cookies-n-cream Supernaut variation. Keep an eye on our Insta for the release announcements through the year.



Our next Kung Fu Robot Double Dragon Double Dry-Hopped release will be a hazy monster heavily hopped with Idaho 7 and Amarillo. We have always wanted to work with the Idaho 7 hop strain (Amarillo hops are badass as well, don't worry) and we think this is going to be exceptionally delicious. Look for this one near the end of the month.

Well, looks like we ran out of time and space to get into the political discussion and ensuing debate. Probably for the best. S/O to Rory Blank for the can art. Time for a beer. Y'all have a great weekend.

Cheers - 4th Tap

John Stecker